10 Tips to Get Ahead for Next School Year


Do you ever try to get ahead for next school year during the summer, and for some reason you’re unable to get it all done?  I am guilty of this every year.  I always have the best of intentions…

…but the weeks always seem to slip away and before I know it, the next school year is knocking on my door.

We want you to get ahead this year more than ever, because so much is unknown. The one thing we know for certain is we will have to be prepared no matter what the school year looks like.

So, we are giving you 10 tips you can do NOW to get ahead for next school year!

#1 ~ Take Some Time for Yourself

First and most important, you need to take a break for YOU!  Carve out all the time you need to take care of yourself. This year was tough, so in order to mentally prepare for next year, you need to give yourself time to not think about anything school related.  Check out other Ways Teachers are Going to UNPLUG this summer!

#2 ~ Laminate While Lounging

Once you’re ready to start thinking about school, you might want to invest in a laminator so you can prep anything needed while you’re watching your favorite shows. We recommend the Scotch Thermal Laminator (affiliate) you can grab off Amazon!  Don’t forget extra laminating pouches!

#3 ~ Work Smarter, Not Harder


Here is your May lineup for your 2nd grade centers for the year! You will find a variety of engaging reading, writing, language, listening and speaking, and reference skills activities!

Save yourself time by using low prep resources.

At Education to the Core, we’ve designed 1st and 2nd Grade Literacy Centers that will carry you through the year. Everything has been done for you!  Teachers love these because they are not seasonal, so they literally have 120 centers at their fingertips at any point during the year!

Grab our 1st Grade Literacy Centers for the Year
Grab our 2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the Year


#4 ~ Just Print and Go!

Stock up on No-Prep Resources!  Why?  Because no prep is where it’s at! LOL.  At Education to the Core, we make sure all of our no prep resources are engaging and intentional. Here are some of our hottest No Prep Items!

Practically 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages
No Prep Phonics Booklets
No Prep Phonics Poems
Daily Editing Mats
Editable Spelling Activities for ANY Word List


#5 ~ Go DIGITAL!

Maybe you’re going to be teaching via distance learning next year.  If your school has already announced plans, these resources are also available digitally!

Digital Practically 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages
Digital Phonics Booklets
Phonics Poems- Digital/Audio
Digital Editing Mats
Word Cards
Digital Poppin’ Sight Word Bubbles
Sight Word Sign Language Cards
Digital Sequencing Activities
Secret Code Words Coding Activities


#6 ~ Take a Quick PD on Google Classroom

Perhaps your school is preparing to make the move to digital.

We wrote a super simple crash course on Google Classroom.

Tips for Using Google Classroom™️
              Click here to read up on our Best Tips for Using Google Classroom!


#7 ~ Look Ahead and Get Organized

Take a look at your district’s pacing guide.  It’s always a good idea to get yourself familiarized with the scope and sequence of your curriculum. This way, you will find appropriate activities for what you’ll need to be teaching and can get them organized before school starts.


#8 ~ Prep Your Walls

Print and laminate anything that will go on the walls. This will be super helpful for when you are able to get back into your classroom. Education to the Core has a variety of posters for you to use as learning guides while you are teaching. Click here to shop classroom posters!








#9 ~ Shop Amazon for Classroom Must Haves

Gather any necessary materials from Amazon so you don’t have to bother walking into the stores. We’ve gathered some ideas for you!

Survival Items Every Teacher Needs from Amazon
25 Back to School Items Every Teacher Needs from Amazon
Top 10 Amazon Must-Haves for Teachers







#10 ~ Prep Your Classroom Management Plan

Returning to school this year is going to bring different classroom management struggles.  Our students have been home longer than the regular summer break.  The expectations at home may have been much different than our responsibilities at school.  Here are a few quick reads to help you hone and refine your classroom management plan.

5 Ways to Tighten Up Your Classroom Management

10 Tricks for Easier Classroom Transitions

The Power of Using “YES” in Your Classroom




We hope these 10 tips to get ahead for next year are helpful to you!

Let us know if you need anything else!

~ Written by Emily and Team Education to the Core

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